About Catalyst

What is Catalyst Magazine?

Catalyst is a unique international science magazine that provides STEM insight with articles on cutting-edge science, research and interviews, prepared by researchers in academia and industry.

Catalyst enables schools to:

  • enrich the curriculum, directly boosting extracurricular activities with dedicated teacher’s notes
  • excite and engage young people with real stories of up-to-date research and STEM career journeys
  • encourage teaching, learning and debate among students (14-19 year olds), teachers and technicians

For students, teachers & schools

  • published 3 times a year in September, January & April
  • content is written and submitted by academic researchers for a 14 – 19 year old audience
  • each edition comes with a dedicated set of teacher’s notes detailing articles, resources and experiments that allow Catalyst to be used in the classroom

"I find Catalyst magazine very useful as I am a supply teacher and visiting lecturer, plus I teach home study students/pupils. This magazine has been invaluable in covering all science subjects in an up to date, curriculum and real-life- relevant way. I find it so interesting, it is one of my favourite reads for myself as well as useful for teaching."

Jeannie Cooper, Supply Tecturer in Biology and Biological Subjects in Conservation and Agriculture at further and higher education colleges, UK wide

Contact us

Catalyst has been published for over 20 years. We have created a log of previous editions, on a vast variety of topics available to you in PDF.

If you’ve got any questions about Catalyst, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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