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The Vision: Virtual Work Experience

Generation Logistics is helping teachers and careers advisors with the resources they need to help highlight career pathways for young people to join the fast-paced, well-paid world of logistics.

Generation Logistics is a sector-funded, Government supported initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the potential of logistics careers with young people aged 13-24 and their educators.

Usually, when children are asked what they want to do when they grow up, they generally don’t say logistics. They say things like footballer, astronaut, scientist, police officer, popstar, even an influencer. By the time they are beginning to make important decisions about the future, those ambitions may have broadened and diversified, but there’s likely to be at least one consistency: there’s still no-one saying logistics.

School students lack access to work experience opportunities, putting them at a disadvantage when applying to universities.

Why? Well, first and foremost, because they probably don’t know what logistics is. And if they do, it’s quite possible what they know is vague, or oversimplified, or just perhaps just wrong. They’ll know all about next day deliveries, fully-stocked supermarket shelves and potentially AI … but they probably won’t know that all of these things are part of the logistics. Or that this is a sector that enables all of the other sectors in the global economy to function. Worse, they won’t know about the incredible career opportunities and pathways that logistics can provide. This is why Generation Logistics exists. 

Half of state schools struggle with work experience; a new report has revealed that school students lack access to work experience opportunities, putting them at a significant disadvantage when applying to universities. With one third of universities taking work experience into consideration when reviewing applicants, it’s crucial that state schools look to improve their work experience offering.

With a lack of resources and a lack of dedicated staff to pipeline for work experience, schools have severely struggled to get their young people into work-based placements. The UK’s hidden sector of logistics may be the answer that schools are looking for!

Noticing the gap in support, Generation Logistics has launched its own virtual work experience to offer teachers and students information on the sector and what can be expected from a career. Varying from the importance of technology and data, to sustainability, customer care and everything in between, the programme aims to equip students with practical skills that are essential for success in their careers later on. Students will hear from real young people, talking about real jobs with real passion, and get to solve some of the sector’s challenges along the way!

The carefully crafted modules can be used in class, or set as homework, as can the short activities contained within. Best of all – the programme is free to access and can be completed at a students’ own pace. 

The Generation Logistics virtual work experience programme runs until the 5th August 2024. Spread the word and get involved by exploring here: Generation Logistics Virtual Work Experience   

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