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The exciting science journal for young people aged 14-19 and their educators. Covering scientific research and industrial developments, real life STEM stories, career journeys, STEM expeditions and adventure.

Catalyst Magazine brings STEM subjects to life, showcasing real world topics, issues, and solutions. Written by academics, scientists, engineers, and educators. Published three times a year and accompanied by learning notes filled with activities and ideas to support curricular learning and encourage research and informed debate.

Catalyst takes a deep and revealing look at medical devices and how science and engineering combine to create human joints. Discover the inside story of just what it takes to stop a virus, the important role of vaccines and how a RECOVERY trial has helped to save millions of people. Mosquitos and malaria are examined as we uncover new steps to control this worldwide disease. Have you ever wondered how to build a human liver through tissue engineering or how biomedical science and brain stem cells could prevent disease? We look at a common health problem affecting millions of people as we explore fungal infections. And we find out just what is like to be a scientific documentary researcher working on a programme that explores the UKs Covid-19 RECOVERY trial.

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