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The exciting science journal for young people aged 14-19 and their educators. Covering scientific research and industrial developments, real life STEM stories, career journeys, STEM expeditions and adventure.

Catalyst Magazine brings STEM subjects to life, showcasing real world topics, issues, and solutions. Written by academics, scientists, engineers, and educators. Published three times a year and accompanied by learning notes filled with activities and ideas to support curricular learning and encourage research and informed debate.

Catalyst investigates the topical subject of Climate Change, exploring some of the deeper issues, questioning our understanding and delving into solutions. Starting with the big question, to climate change or not? This edition considers the complex relationship between our oceans and the weather, how air pollution isn’t always from the obvious sources and how combining your expertise with your hobby can open the door to the perfect career.

Discover why UK school students are educating those around them, how one woman’s search for iron has a surprising positive ecological outcome and unearth the vital role of unassuming peat bogs. Investigate the need for lithium-ion batteries to evolve to the next stage, dive into the importance of seagrass meadows and why eating healthily can be good for you and the planet. And finally, how do you protect a Scottish town from river and coastal flooding?

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